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Keidanren decided to change the rules on new grad hiring

Keidanren and universities agreed to change the rules on hiring new grads.  Many Japanese companies start to “book” good students to hire as early as June and they are trying to move it even earlier.  This is causing problems because students are too preoccupied with securing their jobs to focus on studying.  Keidanren decided to change this rule so that companies can hire new grads anytime throughout the year and also students do not have to worry about their job search until they graduate.  Behind the Keidanren and universities’ decision, there is a fact that companies want students who study hard.  (Article is written in Japanese only).

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Number of job changers in their 50s doubled in the last 3 years

Interesting article from Nikkei.  More people who are over 50 years old are changing jobs than before.  The number doubled in the last three years.  It used to be believed that the age limit for changing jobs was 35, but it is obviously not true now due to the serious shortage in the workforce.  These skilled people are most wanted among construction companies and start-up businesses because they can work right away without training. (Article is in Japanese only)  

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