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Nitori ranked no.1 in Rakuten Minshu survey on the popular companies to do internship

Nitori was voted as the most popular company to do an internship by students, reported by Rakuten Minshu, a career information exchange service site for college students in Japan.  While the top two airlines, ANA and JAL were ranked no.2 and 3, Nitori was liked by most students because it provides internship programs to cover areas such as product development and marketing. Details are in the original article (Japanese only).

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Parenting in Japan is changing.  Many dads are carrying babies or taking kids to schools these days, which were seen only rarely 20 years ago.  These dads are called “Ikumen” in Japanese, meaning parenting dads.  They were treated specially in a way by being called by this specific term because taking care of children is assumed as Mom’s job, but this may not be the case in the next few years because gender equality is happening in parenting as well as it is in the workforce.  The word, “Ikumen” may disappear in the near future. Interesting article on parenting in Japan.  Happy reading!

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President Annie Chang attended as a judge at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai

Annie Chang attended the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai last week as a judge for the Women4Tech Asian Industry Leadership Award. She nominated Xinmei Cai, a senior advisor of Women in Technology Japan since it was founded. Xinmei has been with Google for 16 years and contributed largely to the Google Map’s successful launch and also worked so hard to empower women within the industry. She has become an amazing role model for Women for Tech! Annie Chang received the award on behalf of Xinmei as she could not make it to the ceremony due to her business trip.  Xinmei’s recognition was really inspiring to all women in the […]

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