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Peer Pressure is the key that worked to contain COVID-19 successfully in Japan

An interesting perspective shared by Dr. Kentaro Iwata from Kobe University, who is known to be the person who spoke out on what he saw on the “Princess Diamond” cruise ship through YouTube.  He thinks that one of the key factors that affected the containment of COVID-19 in Japan is “peer pressure.”  Japan made it through the crisis without locking down its cities because Japanese people’s behavior is largely affected by what others are doing.  We unconsciously behave and make decisions based on others’ behavior.  If you don’t go out, I don’t go out.  If you beat the red light,  I do the same.  Peer pressure can work either way.  […]

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COVID19 recession could be a chance for hiring

Article from Toyo Keizai Online on March 26, 2020. There are many cases reported that companies are canceling new hires due to uncertainties caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.  According to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, the cancelation cases are 13 companies, 21 people as of March 18. Despite this fact, there is a movement in hiring new grads who lost their “Naitei.”  The city of Kobe, Nojima (home appliance chain), Matsuya Foods and Vision Megane announced that they would willingly and aggressively hire those new grads. Details are in the original article (Japanese only).

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Four-day workweek boosted productivity by 40%, Microsoft Japan experiment shows

(Quoted from Japan Times on November 5, 2019)   In a rare corporate experiment to test a four-day work system, Microsoft Corp.’s Japan branch found that their productivity improved by about 40 percent, the company said. The test involved 2,300 regular office workers in August. Amid calls for improving efficiency in the workplace in a country notorious for having long working hours, the firm conducted the trial to see if it would boost employees’ performance. Microsoft Japan Co., which released a report on the experiment last week, made every Friday in August a special paid holiday for all its regular workers in the country. To raise productivity, the management asked […]

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Nitori ranked no.1 in Rakuten Minshu survey on the popular companies to do internship

Nitori was voted as the most popular company to do an internship by students, reported by Rakuten Minshu, a career information exchange service site for college students in Japan.  While the top two airlines, ANA and JAL were ranked no.2 and 3, Nitori was liked by most students because it provides internship programs to cover areas such as product development and marketing. Details are in the original article (Japanese only).

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Parenting in Japan is changing.  Many dads are carrying babies or taking kids to schools these days, which were seen only rarely 20 years ago.  These dads are called “Ikumen” in Japanese, meaning parenting dads.  They were treated specially in a way by being called by this specific term because taking care of children is assumed as Mom’s job, but this may not be the case in the next few years because gender equality is happening in parenting as well as it is in the workforce.  The word, “Ikumen” may disappear in the near future. Interesting article on parenting in Japan.  Happy reading!

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Japanese universities to support female faculties to continue their study

Nikkei Newspaper on June 17, 2019 Japanese universities including Tohoku University have been challenging to increase female faculties and now the challenge is starting to bearing fruit.  They set up large day-care centers within the campus, and try to hire women only to encourage women to stay in their study or their schools.  More women have used their support systems and achieved their goals. (Original article is written in Japanese only).  

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Keidanren decided to change the rules on new grad hiring

Keidanren and universities agreed to change the rules on hiring new grads.  Many Japanese companies start to “book” good students to hire as early as June and they are trying to move it even earlier.  This is causing problems because students are too preoccupied with securing their jobs to focus on studying.  Keidanren decided to change this rule so that companies can hire new grads anytime throughout the year and also students do not have to worry about their job search until they graduate.  Behind the Keidanren and universities’ decision, there is a fact that companies want students who study hard.  (Article is written in Japanese only).

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