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5 Ways to Raise Your Salary in Time of Inflation

Not a day goes by without seeing the news of utility bills and price hikes. Yes, the cost of living continues to rise!

Along with this, various companies, including Fast Retailing, have announced salary increases this year.

So how about you?
Are you satisfied with your salary?

If you are not satisfied, you have no choice but to raise your salary individually.

AC Global Solutions President – Annie Chang will give you 5 tips for successfully increasing your salary!

1) Changing jobs

It may be the quickest way. In general, if you change jobs from a Japanese company to a foreign company, your base salary will increase by at least 10%. Similarly, the IT industry also tends to raise salaries.

2) Get promoted!

If you want to raise your salary at the same company, we recommend that you aim for a different position by transferring within the company. If you like your current job, you might want to focus on that job and aim for a promotion instead of changing jobs.

3) Know your market value

It is also recommended to consult with a recruitment agency and find out your market value. If you are underrated, talk to your boss.

4) Update your skills

Find out what jobs in your industry and market are in demand and pay better, and see if the skills you have can be put to good use. If your skills haven’t reached, it’s also important to study to acquire those skills.

5) Side job

If nothing goes well, I recommend that you include a side job as an option. It’s trending – as everyone seem to have more than one interest and some interests/hobby can sometimes become your lifework. You never know.

One last thing to remember is that with higher pay comes more responsibility. Think carefully about your ideal lifestyle and environment, and find the perfect method for yourself!

If you need advice, Annie, a veteran consultant with over 30 years in the industry, will support your desired career plan and change jobs.

We have a wide range of positions from executive level to junior to managerial level. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or the email address below!