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Successful Candidate Story vol.2

Welcome to our post! As AC Global, we do our best to ensure each candidate has successful and delightful experience in changing jobs. This time, we interviewed Mr. W who now works as a business analyst in a global company.

Q1.Tell us your background and current occupation.

I am Malaysian, born and raised mostly in Japan, and went to University in England studying Accounting & Finance. I have also always been interested in computers and computer systems privately. My current occupation is as a consultant Business Analyst, where I can fully utilize my language skills, and technical knowledge to support my client.

Q2.What made you decide to change jobs to your current job?

My previous job was in Aviation, a completely different industry.  At the time, the company I was working for had decided to exit the international Aviation market, and focus on more domestic projects in Japan. I was on the lookout for more opportunities to fully utilize my language ability, and AC Global introduced my current position to me. I learned quickly came to understand that this position would allow me to leverage and expand my language and technical ability, and I was open to the opportunity to do so.

Q3. What was the biggest challenge regarding the job change?

The biggest challenges I had were adjusting to the culture of the new job as it had a very different environment from my previous experience. My previous experience had me working under Japanese company, where Japanese was by far the main language. The new job had me working in a very international environment, with some demands that I was not initially accustomed to. The best advice I can give for the above would be to be open to feedback, but also ensure you remain true to your own values.

Q4.Please tell us your impressions of using AC Global when you change jobs

I received a lot of support from AC Global when I was changing jobs.

I received many job opportunities relevant to what I was looking for, as well as CV/Resume support, interview support and advice, and feedback.

I was able use said feedback from previous interviews to modify my strategy for future ones.

Q5.Have you been satisfied with current jobs?

Yes. My current job also allows me to fully utilize my language and technical ability, while encouraging personal growth.

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